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First Trader Joe’s Store Unionizes

Workers at a Trader Joe’s store in Western Massachusetts voted to unionize. They are the first Trader Joe's workers to create a union. The workers point to the company's reduction of their benefits, changes to their healthcare, and lack of address over their safety concerns as the basis for their vote. They stated the company treated them well during the initial phases of the pandemic, requiring masking in all stores, limiting the number of customers, and providing a temporary pay increase. However, these workers believe the company cut back on those protections too quickly.

Trader Joe's has over 500 stores across the country. Workers at several other stores are preparing to vote on unionizing, including one in Minneapolis and another in Colorado. Unlike some other large companies facing newly unionized employees, Trader Joe's has publicly stated it is prepared to begin discussions immediately. They did note, "We are willing to use any current union contract for a multistate grocery company with stores in the area, selected by the union representatives, as a template to negotiate a new structure for the employees in this store."

The Washington Post reported that petitions for union elections have hit "their highest level in a decade" this year.