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Female Marine Behind Viral TikTok Video Shares Her Experience

During his first press conference as defense secretary, reporters showed Lloyd J. Austin III a video of a visibly distraught female Marine discussing the Marine Corps’ response to her sexual assault complaint. Defense Secretary Austin responded that he found the video “deeply disturbing” and asked his staff for additional information.

Self-identified only as “Dalina,” the woman told CBS News she reported sexual misconduct by her coworker. Dalina offered proof and a witness to the misconduct; the male marine admitted his conduct to a superior officer. The Marine Corps did not remove him from his post immediately, and when they did remove him, the Marine Corps did not share any information with Dalina. Instead, she found out through someone else that the perpetrator remained in the military. She learned later that she would be working in the same office as this man. In a hearing on the misconduct issue, Dalina saw leaders come forward to commend him, stating “he made a mistake and fell into temptation, but he could be a great leader.” The Marine Corps’ Commanding General decided to keep him in the Marines. Dalina recorded the TikTok video after learning about the Marine Corps’ decision. Dalina reported that she has connected with many other individuals in the Marines dealing with sexual trauma.

The Marine Corps confirmed Dalina’s claim of misconduct was substantiated, with the Marine in question receiving a reduction in rank and forfeiture of pay. In November 2020, the military released information showing large numbers of individuals have experienced sexual assault and feel like the Corps brushed aside their complaints and retaliated them against for complaining. President Biden ordered a commission to explore solutions to the issue of sexual assault in the military, while Defense Secretary Austin asked to review plans and practices within each branch of the military.