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Women’s Soccer Team Reaches Partial Settlement

The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) settled one part of its lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation (Federation). The USWNT initially sued the Federation alleging significant disparities in pay and working conditions based on their gender. A federal court dismissed the equal pay claims early this year; the USWNT intends to appeal that decision. However, the parties amicably resolved the claims related to differences in working conditions.

The deal means the women's team will see improvements in their hotel accommodations, venues, travel, and staffing that should make them equal to the conditions received by the men’s team. Under the settlement agreement, future USWNT matches will primarily be played on grass fields, a benefit the men’s team already receives. The Federation agreed to offer both teams an equal amount of charter flights, comparable hotel accommodations, and similar numbers of staff. The settlement agreement does not address or resolve restitution for damages related to prior working conditions.

Cindy Parlow Cone, a former USWNT player, became the leader of The Federation this year. Cone expressed her hope that settlement discussions will continue regarding the equal pay issues. In speaking to news outlets, she spoke of her eagerness to improve the relationship between the Federation and the women’s team. The working conditions settlement must be approved by the federal district court before going into effect.