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New Remote Work Productivity Data

As working remotely is the norm now for many employees who formerly went in to work each day, debates have arisen regarding where employees are more productive—at home or back at the office? According to data gathered by various sources, most workers are more productive at home, including both those who enjoy and prefer this arrangement, and those who’d rather be in the office. According to data gathered by RescueTime, remote workers had a 4% increase in average daily time spent on their core work and an 18% decrease in time spent on communication, compared with employees in the office. Translated, working from home for many means spending more time on meaningful work and less time on communication, all without the commute. The latest Census data indicates that the average commute for Americans is 27 minutes each way, so almost an hour a day roundtrip. These data raise interesting questions about what the workplace will look like when it is safe for most workers to return to the office.