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Credible Allegations Found Against Placido Domingo

The Los Angeles Opera initiated an investigation in 2019 following allegations that opera star Placido Domingo had engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct. According to the LA Opera, ten accusations had been leveled against Domingo. In investigating these allegations of inappropriate conduct going back to 1986 and up through 2019, the allegations were found “credible.” Details of the allegations were not released, rather a summary that asserted some women had responded that they were “not uncomfortable” while other women alleged “significant trauma.” Forty-four people were interviewed and approximately 50,000 documents were reviewed.
Domingo is said to have cooperated in the investigation but had “denied all allegations of unwanted contact and maintained that all his interactions were consensual.” However, investigators found his denials to be “less credible or lacking in awareness.”
Several women had spoken to the media last year, asserting that their careers had been harmed by Domingo after they rebuffed his advances. He allegedly engaged in “touching, persistent requests for private get-togethers, late-night phone calls and sudden attempts to kiss them on the lips.” The investigation did not find evidence to support any “quid pro quo” or retaliation against the women by Domingo. The LA Opera stated this lack of support reflected the complex-decision making that is involved in making casting decisions.
A union representing American Opera performers conducted its own investigation and found that Domingo had engaged in “inappropriate activity.” Domingo initially apologized following the union’s finding but then withdrew the apology after some European institutions pointed to it as a basis to cancel his appearances. American organizations had already canceled his performances after the allegations became public.