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Utah State Anti-Discrimination Agency Not Doing Its Job

Over a five-year period, the Utah Antidiscrimination and Labor Division (ULAD) has ruled in favor of employees just 0.7 percent of the time. This number is well below the averages found in surrounding states and less than the national average, according to news reports. In the equivalent time period, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) found in an employee’s favor 3.6 percent of the time while surrounding states, such as Colorado and New Mexico found for employees three percent of the time and eight percent of the time respectively.

Apparently, this information about ULAD was well-known among attorneys in the state. One attorney who represents workers tells her clients “It doesn’t matter what you say. They will take the employer’s position.” Workers are often instructed by their attorneys to report their claims of discrimination to the EEOC instead. The audit stated that ULAD’s investigations were inadequate, and its investigators did not receive proper training or have the resources to collect important evidence.

ULAD claims that those attorneys avoiding it are being unfair. The case manager asserted that employees receive the benefit of the doubt early in the process. According to the agency’s annual report, it awarded $1 million to individuals it found were discriminated against.