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New Orleans Saints Accused of Double Standard

A former New Orleans Saints cheerleader is accusing the football franchise of sex discrimination. Bailey Davis was fired for posting a picture of herself in a black lace one-piece on her private Instagram account. Although the account was limited to persons whom she approved, the outfit purportedly violated the rule of not posting pictures that are “semi-nude” or “lingerie.” Ms. Davis was also accused of attending a party with Saints players, which was also a rule violation.

Apparently, the team has one set of rules for players and another set of rules for the cheerleaders. For example, the Saints have an anti-fraternization policy. Under that policy, cheerleaders must avoid contact with players even though the players are free to pursue relationships with them. The women must block Saints players from following them on social media and cannot post pictures with Saints gear on. Again, the team players have no such restrictions. That is not all. The cheerleaders must avoid the players at all costs, even leaving restaurants where Saints players are dining. According to the team, the rules are intended to protect the women. It seems that the responsibility of that protection lies with the women. 

Ms. Bailey has accused the league of relying on outdated notions of gender and relying on stereotypes. She has filed a charge of discrimination with the EEOC. The Saints organization has responded, stating that Ms. Davis was not discriminated against because of her gender and that they will show that in the appropriate forum.