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KPMG Sets New Standard By Funding Pro-Golfer’s Maternity Leave

In addition to its work in the area of taxes and audits, KPMG co-sponsors golfers in the Ladies Professional Golf Association. One of its golfers is Stacy Lewis, a female golfer currently ranked 31st in the world. She recently disclosed to her sponsor the fact that she is pregnant.
For pro-golfers, sponsors are often their primary source of income. As a golfer, Ms. Lewis’ ability to play her game will be impacted as her pregnancy progresses and once she gives birth. With fewer tournaments, she will earn less money from her sponsors. Generally, pregnant golfers essentially lose their income for the duration of their pregnancy and maternity leave. They also may not have a place on the tour when they return.
KPMG, however, has changed that outcome for Ms. Lewis. They have announced the company will continue to fund her contract for the next year, no matter how many tournaments she plays. It is believed that KPMG is the first such sponsor to make that decision. Ms. Lewis has stated that a couple of her other sponsors have followed KPMG’s example and amended their contracts. However, these other companies do not want to be named. Ms. Lewis hopes a precedent will be set for future sponsorship of female athletes. Research has shown that female athletes are able to perform at the same level after childbirth as they had before their pregnancy.