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Corporate Counsel Disbarred After Videotaping Women

James Patrick Stanton used to be corporate counsel for MaintenX in Florida. He was accused of taping female employees who worked at the facility while they were showering, using the restroom and changing their clothes. He was arrested on 132 felony counts of video voyeurism after a former employee reported secret videos that were found while repairing Mr. Stanton’s laptop. Although this employee found the videos in 2010, he did not report them to MaintenX’s management until he left the company in 2014. Management seemingly limited its response to this information to removing the cameras and recommending counseling to Mr. Stanton.

The charges against Mr. Stanton were reduced to misdemeanors and ultimately dismissed based on the statute of limitations. However, the Florida State Bar cited him for violations of several rules of professional conduct. Mr. Stanton tried to persuade the Supreme Court to allow him to apply for readmission to the Bar but he was denied. He eventually consented to sign a document agreeing never to practice law in Florida again so that he would not have to admit to any of the allegations against him.

Five of the women videotaped sued Mr. Stanton and MaintenX. Those claims were settled and confidentiality agreements signed.