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Colorado Aide Mocks Sexual Harassment, Costs Him Job

Recent events in Colorado demonstrate that the ramifications of the #MeToo movement have escaped some people. Andrew Knarr used to be an aide to state Senator Jim Smallwood. After attending a required sexual harassment training, he posted the following on his Snapchat account: “Mandatory 2-hour sexual harassment training. And they aren’t even gonna show me the proper way to grab a woman’s ass. This is f---ing gay.” When the Snapchat post became public, he was immediately fired by Senator Smallwood. He stated that Mr. Knarr’s actions were “unprofessional, unbecoming of somebody who works at the Capitol, or anywhere.”

The Colorada state legislature has been rocked by several other sex harassment scandals. Representative Steve Lebsock was expelled in March after allegations of sexual harassment came to light. One of the women who accused him had brought Mr. Knarr’s post to light on Twitter. Two other State senators have also been accused of sexual harassment but they remain in office. A female State senator has stepped down over her frustration with how Republican leadership has handled the various allegations.