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Sex Harassment Found at Yellowstone National Park

An investigation by the U.S. Interior Department has found that men from Yellowstone’s maintenance unit “created a work environment that included unwelcome and inappropriate comments and actions toward women.”

According to the report, six women from that maintenance unit asserted that they had been: subjected to derogatory comments, verbal abuse, and unfair treatment by their male colleagues. One woman referred to Yellowstone as a “man’s world” where male behavior was dominate. Another woman claimed that six pairs of her underwear were stolen from a dresser drawer. One manager stated “We’re not hiring any women this year” because he did not want the “distraction” of women without direct supervision.

The harassment report was based on a six-month investigation, according to the Washington Post. The investigation followed on the heels of Congressional hearings into widespread harassment by the Interior and Agriculture departments. Female employees had alleged routine harassment by male supervisors and co-workers. Many of the incidents had allegedly occurred in remote areas. One fire chief spoke about 30 years of misconduct that she had suffered such as being spied on in showers and secretly photographed. This fire chief stated that her complaints of sexual harassment had been minimized with an apology being the sole resolution offered. These types of responses dissuaded women from complaining.