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Renowned Second City Sued for Racial Discrimination

Scott Morehead was a member of the Second City comedy theater in Chicago. He has filed a lawsuit claiming that he was harassed and retaliated against while working for the theater.

Specifically, Mr. Morehead alleged that he was called “cracker" and “white Jesus” by an African American castmate at Second City. It all occurred during a production of “A Red Line Runs Through it.” This castmate also said that she wished “that all white people were dead,” and “What the audience doesn’t know is that I meant I hate white people.” Mr. Morehead also asserted that she threatened to “slap the crap” out of him and suggested that other castmates “shoot” him. Mr. Morehead complained several times but has asserted that Second City did not have appropriate places to seek resolution. He was suspended without being given a reason. He was not offered any further contracts.

Second City has not commented on the litigation other than to say, “The Second City works diligently to ensure a safe and collaborative work environment for all our employees.”  Two other cast members have alleged publicly that the audience members contributed to a racially hostile environment and that management did not protect the performers.