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Chicago Takes Extra Steps to Protect Hotel Workers

The city of Chicago has passed an ordinance designed specifically to protect hotel workers from sexual assault. Entitled “Hands Off Pants On,” the ordinance requires that all hotels create a panic button system along with a sexual harassment policy in an effort to protect this group of employees. 

Employees working in guest rooms or restrooms alone must have a device that will allow them to notify and/or summon aid from hotel security or management if the employee perceives a crime, sexual harassment, sexual assault or other emergency is occurring. The portable panic devices must be supplied to the employees at no cost by July 1, 2018. The hotels must provide training on how to activate the devices and how employees receiving the alerts should respond. 

Along with the panic buttons, hotels must create written anti-sexual harassment policies intended to protect employees from sexual assault and sexual harassment from hotel guests. Specifically the policy should: encourage employees to immediately report any incidents; set forth the procedure for the employee and hotel when a report of harassment or assault is made; make it clear that the employee should leave the area of perceived danger immediately until assistance is provided; offer a temporary work reassignment until the guest is no longer at the hotel; allow paid time off for the employee to file police reports or participate in any legal proceedings related to the incidents; inform employees of their rights under Title VII and corresponding local and state protections; and let the employees know that they will not be retaliated against for making the complaint. If any hotels are found to have violated the ordinance on two or more instances, they risk having their license suspended or revoked by the city.