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EPS Expands Training Capability with On-Demand Options

Having delivered customized training for organizations and institutions for more than 25 years, we are pleased to announce that we have added on-demand training to our existing live and virtual live training via webcast offerings.  

Our on-demand training will allow learners the flexibility to go through courses at a pace that is conducive for them and at a place and time of their choosing. Our on-demand courses will offer the same high quality and unique customization as with all our existing training options. Our on-demand training is highly interactive and allows learners the ability to not only engage with the course at their convenience but also allows employers to contextualize the course to the specifics of their organization, embed specific policies, hypothetical scenarios, videos, quizzes, and other interactive elements that are tailored to the organization - all designed to promote retention of key concepts.

“We are excited to add on-demand training to our existing training capabilities. With our suite of live, live virtual, and now on-demand training, our clients can address the training challenges presented by increasingly flexible, hybrid, and dispersed teams,” noted Jill Rorschach, EPS President.

Our training courses cover various topics including sexual harassment, bystander skills, diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias and the fundamentals of effective management, among others. We work closely with human resource professionals, in-house and outside counsel, and organization leadership to create courses that meet specific objectives – both to remain compliant and to build and foster cultures of respect and inclusion. We look forward to extending those capabilities with our on-demand options.