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Investigations Training

Workplace complaint investigations, when handled properly, minimize risk and help to avoid costly litigation and judgments. A well-trained, internal investigator must understand the importance of confidentiality, the investigative process, documentation and employment law.

Our consultants, all licensed attorneys, are uniquely qualified to conduct workplace complaint investigations training. They have performed thousands of employee complaint investigations and are skilled in the complicated and often litigation-bound issues organizations face when an investigation is required. They have faced every type of workplace complaint - from harassment and discrimination to retaliation and other kinds of employee misconduct.

Our investigations training courses cover:

  • A review of discrimination and harassment 
  • How to recognize and respond appropriately to complaints
  • Planning the investigation
  • Assessing preliminary interviewing issues 
  • Preparing for interviews, drafting outlines/questions
  • Conducting interviews
  • Credibility assessments
  • Conclusions and analysis of information 
  • Report findings
  • Post investigation considerations
  • Wrapping it up