Harassment & Discrimination Prevention

For human resource professionals, supervisors, managers and executives.

EPS provides training for employees and managers on how to prevent and address harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Employees will learn what is and is not appropriate behavior, will reivew orgization policy, will be instructed on how not to discriminate, and learn what to do if harassing behavior occurs.

Provides a thorough education on illegal discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex (including sexual harassment), pregnancy, age, disability, and state/local-protected categories. Includes a look at some lesser-known categories of discrimination, including Family and Medical Leave, and Workers’ Compensation, as well as what behavior, although not illegal, is inadvisable in the workplace. Examines issues of liability, defense, prevention, and appropriate handling of complaints and investigations.


Except when clients opt for a condensed presentation, all group and individual classes are delivered in a workshop format driven by participant interaction. All classes are customized with respect to content and length.


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EPS in a Nutshell
Our mission is to assist organizations in preventing and correcting employment claims while enhancing employee relations. Our strength is in our team of experienced, employment law attorney-consultants. Our goal is your peace of mind.

EPS - Enhancing Employee Relations
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